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At the end of my rope in Chicago…

This looks like a great group, and maybe someone might have some advice. I will try to keep this as short as I can.

I was divorced 2 years ago and after much fighting got joint custody of my son. (that unfortunately is a complete joke) My ex got residential. It was said that if she did not receive some sort of therapy, that custody should be transferred to myself. (that was per the court psychologist)Now during the last two years that has not happened, also she has abused our son physically, and mentally. She has not given him his basic needs, food proper clothing, homework etc. I also pay 800 a month in support, plus medical and dental. she has used none of these things for our son. The police have been at her house 9 times with in the last year, due to domestic violence. There is much more, but you get the point. She has tried to teach our son to hate me using all the tricks, but I have played cool thus far and it back fired on her. also she treats him like crap and is VERY intimidating.

Last April for whatever reason she informed me over the phone (while my son was over) that she wanted him to live with me, and if I could just switch the visitation with her. I agreed of course. 1 month passes (and I am still paying support). I am short of money so I go and take out an installment loan for bad credit, I find an affordable lawyer to switch the residual custody for us, and when I take him to see his mother on mothers day she would not return him, saying that he never lived with me etc,etc. Sooo 7 months later and we are still in court. she was able to come up with cash to higher an attorney (she hasn’t worked in 10 years)

My attorney is overworked, our son has stated over and over to his court appt. public guardian that he wants to move back in with me, and all the other stuff he has been going through. (she still has done nothing) and now we went to yet another psy exam, this time I had to pay for it.

This person was very bad at her job, she had us meet at the same time and was busy answering her phone while I was trying to talk. After the first visit my ex punched me in the face in the Psy lobby, I called the police and made a report and went to the hospital. This person only spoke with my son for about 3 mins with her door open and his mom standing right there.

So he did not get a chance to speak his mind at all. Also this person informed me that if I took my ex to court over her hitting me, that she would put in her report that I dont want to “work” things out with her, frigging black male….So I have my son in a bad household, he wants to live with me, and I have very detailed documentation. BUT NO ONE IS LISTENING!!!!

I have court on the 28th and my lawyer hasn’t returned my calls for 3 weeks……Can anyone help with anything. I would be in your debt.