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10 Simple Ways to Get Credit With Bad Credit

Hi, guys It’s been a while since my last post. Here’s my new article – I hope you’ll like it! It can be very stressful when you’re in need of credit but are struggling with a bad credit score. You’ll find yourself getting rejected by the banks and large credit card providers and it can […]

That is outright blackmail

That is outright blackmail. If it is legal where you live, you need to tape record your conversations with her. You can find out if that is legal at Once you have her on tape making threats of false accusations, then you either have the option of taking the tape to the police immediately […]

visitation should i or shouldn’t i??

I’m a dad on parole and the ex-hefer uses it against me. she threatens to file false charges if i see my son. anyone who knows our system knows full well that a parolee gets arrested first and has to fight his way back out. Is it bad to not want to deal with her […]

Thank you so much

Thank you so much, My health plan does permit therapy and I am working on that now. Also does anyone know of a place that I could report the social worker who was Very biased. It seemed like she made up her mind right when we walked in the door of her home. and her […]

Find out if your health plan permits family counseling

Find out if your health plan permits family counseling or psychological therapy. If so, put your son in (he probably could use some anyhow) and then get the counselor’s report admitted into court. As for the police case, the social worker sounds like an idiot. This is not a professional opinion but I can’t see […]

Great point!

Great point! Basically you are saying that you are one man that stands alone, but you are not. There are millions of men facing the same thoughts, only one thing is holding them all back from doing something about it. I can say that prayer is the only way to make things right. But that […]

So what we have here

So what we have here, offered as evidence, is a citation from a book by a notoriously dishonest feminist law professor – Mason – referring to another citation by a notoriously dishonest feminist sociologist referring to an un cited study in Massachusetts and a newspaper article. Weitzman, of course, is the source of the widely-cited […]

Well my son is 9

Well my son is 9 I dont know what the age limit is in IL it might be 12?? How did you convince the judge to speak with your children??? P.S. I agree with you on coaching, She does all the coaching, and my son informed me ON HIS OWN that he told his lawyer […]

You said your son wants to live with you

How old is your son? Find out if he is old enough to tell the court himself of what he wants to do. On my trial, both my children were under the age limit. My son was 2 years too young and my daughter was 3.5 years too young. My lawyer and I were able […]

At the end of my rope in Chicago…

This looks like a great group, and maybe someone might have some advice. I will try to keep this as short as I can. I was divorced 2 years ago and after much fighting got joint custody of my son. (that unfortunately is a complete joke) My ex got residential. It was said that if […]

We are still able to take ourselves down

We are still able to take ourselves down a few notches and realize that we are more needed in the trenches than the halls of Congress. There are plenty of groups trailing the halls, one more or less is not going to hurt anything. But, one more father chased from him home, leaving children in […]

I continue to applaud your efforts

It made me think of a story i saw a while back. I have added it below. I am not sure just what help I can be, being a struggling, divorced FATHER of two great boys in MN. (things are getting better!) I see my boys a great deal and even though their mother is […]

Men in the system

Here’s an interesting question worth exploring: “How can the judicial and legal system, which has a majority of men who also happen to be fathers, be so biased against their own gender?” Most of the judges on the bench, the legislatures who are creating the laws, even many of the support personnel (such as police) […]

Mom had a laundry list of complaints against Dad

Mom had a laundry list of complaints against Dad: me. Dangerous, poor judgment, abusive, blah, blah, blah. PhD licensed psychologist interviews child, 7, female, who does not corroborate one iota of what Mom alleges. The kids are pawns but they are smarter than the experts. Child kept away from Dad except for four times a […]

Links on that subject

Links on that subject: In another article, Myers states: ‘There is increasing skepticism regarding children’s credibility. Three sources of this skepticism are discussed. First, the popular media is increasingly skeptical of a child witnesses. Whereas press coverage of child victims during the 1980s was largely positive, coverage during the 1990s indicates increasing doubt about […]

Open letter to Professor John EB Myers

I am incensed by the outrageous comments you made in your letter to John Gardner and by your support of the psychologists who do not believe that the sociopathic and alienating behavior of some mothers does not have a negative impact on their children. You do not believe that mothers make false accusations regarding abuse. […]

Asking members for money?

I don’t feel that its right to ask members of this blog for money….period. I think its a great idea to start a shelter for abused men and children, but there is a process for doing this. The shelter should be a registered non-profit organization with IRS 501C(3) tax status, so the contributions are tax […]

Here are a few of the reasons

Here are a few of the reasons why she took me to court trying to get a few more dollars from me. One time I had a job working for the county and after taxes and CS, I was taking home about $150 per week. I needed more money, so anytime there was over time […]