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So what we have here

So what we have here, offered as evidence, is a citation from a book by a notoriously dishonest feminist law professor – Mason – referring to another citation by a notoriously dishonest feminist sociologist referring to an un cited study in Massachusetts and a newspaper article. Weitzman, of course, is the source of the widely-cited […]

Well my son is 9

Well my son is 9 I dont know what the age limit is in IL it might be 12?? How did you convince the judge to speak with your children??? P.S. I agree with you on coaching, She does all the coaching, and my son informed me ON HIS OWN that he told his lawyer […]

You said your son wants to live with you

How old is your son? Find out if he is old enough to tell the court himself of what he wants to do. On my trial, both my children were under the age limit. My son was 2 years too young and my daughter was 3.5 years too young. My lawyer and I were able […]