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Great point!

Great point!

Basically you are saying that you are one man that stands alone, but you are not. There are millions of men facing the same thoughts, only one thing is holding them all back from doing something about it.

I can say that prayer is the only way to make things right. But that would leave non-believers thinking that I was being overbearing.

The problem isn’t that no one wants men to be a part of the whole picture. It lies wholly in the interest of ungodly. Ungodly prejudice.

Ungodly rituals of divorce.

Ungodly lust offerings from one parent to the other. And finally ungodly reasoning by both parents.

I believe that everyone should be entitled to see, love and rear their children. But that would be too easy to dictate. So to make it further dictative, the system says when, who, how and why.

Faith will set you free alone or together we can all see freedom, but it won’t be through some ungodly court system.