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Men in the system

Here’s an interesting question worth exploring:

“How can the judicial and legal system, which has a majority of men who also happen to be fathers, be so biased against their own gender?”

Most of the judges on the bench, the legislatures who are creating the laws, even many of the support personnel (such as police) who oversee the enforcement of the law are also fathers.

Add to that, why are female police officers more likely to see through a false allegation of Domestic Violence, made by a woman, and also is most likely to be the one to arrest a woman fro domestic violence. Men can be push overs.

For an opposing viewpoint regarding the “Father’s Right Movement”

It’s rather long, and contains obviously biased statements, but it has some very interesting observations. The writer also pays close attention to legal tactics employed by some fathers in court. Despite its feminist rhetoric, it’s worth reading…

A surprising remark from that article:

‘The most powerful way the women’s movement can eradicate the extremist politics preached by the Father’s Rights movement is to encourage those men who are willing to learn to be more nurturing parents to do so and vigorously protect the rights of men fulfilling their parental roles.’