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We are still able to take ourselves down

domestic violenceWe are still able to take ourselves down a few notches and realize that we are more needed in the trenches than the halls of Congress. There are plenty of groups trailing the halls, one more or less is not going to hurt anything. But, one more father chased from him home, leaving children in the care of an abusive mother, hurts a lot. We need to be in the trenches, fighting for those children, no matter what it takes. Do we really think those children care about the fact that we are trying to change the laws?

No, they are wondering why their fathers have gone away, and why a mother hits them every time they mention wanting to see their father. They need our help now, not later. That is why we are building this shelter, because I do not want to feel responsible for another child being hit, when there is something I could do to prevent it.

And with hope, and some luck, next year there will be something to be thankful for. Thankful knowing that there will be a few less children in pain. Maybe prevent another case like the Bass boy of Kansas City, whose mother abused and tortured them until two fo the triplet boys were dead, and the third was left with life long scares. If there was one of these facilities, two years ago, for Leonard Bass, than those boys would be alive today.

But they are not, and who knows what they could have been in twenty years? That is what we must change, even if we are only saving one child at a time. For that child will be an adult one day. An adult who will look back and remember that someone thought they were important enough to save. And for that, they will be thankful on this day.